Thursday, July 30, 2020

OSE, Session 1

We started OSE tonight. It was a "setup" session...we rolled a few extra characters, distributed what rumors the PCs knew, started kicking around the setting, etc.

One player couldn't make it, and the remaining two decided to field just one character each, the magic-user and a thief with terrible, terrible stats who was played, the player's own words, "like the thief in every single example of play."

So yeah, that thief died. Antagonized a dire wolf on the road when they were guarding a caravan, tried to melee with it when it was badly injured, got his face bitten off. The player happily rolled a new character, a cleric.

I feel a little rusty on my B/X, but it got smoother as the session went on.

Both players reported having a blast and enjoying my style. I hadn't played with these guys since the early 2000's. (Friends I met my first semester of undergrad.)

After all was said and done, the cleric used a vague, sketchy prophecy to enshrine the fallen thief as a local hero in the village they landed in and recruited a caravan guard as their retainer. The trio (magic-user, cleric, NPC fighter) have scoped out a sepulcher in the foothills, leftover from a fallen civilization. (More recently, it was the last bastion of a Chaotic Immortal's cult that was driven out of town.) Surely the PCs can find some treasure. The cleric is interested in starting the funds to build his shrine/religious pyramid scheme.

Good stuff. Next time we play, our third player should be with us, and she will field either her bard or her assassin. (Or she might roll another character)

We also playtested my "flavorful d6 weapons" rules, but I'll put those in a separate post. I might also post some lore/flavor from the game as a separate post as well.


  1. Sounds like you had fun! I'm playing through an OSE version of Barrowmaze right now.