Friday, July 17, 2020

You Down With OSE? (Yeah, You Know Me!)

-Campaign starts in 5 days. I'm running it on Roll20, which I haven't used since like 2015. 
-2 regular players, with a couple more who want to drop in and out 
-Sandbox style, open world, homebrew setting 
-Stable of characters. The party can have 6 player characters fielded at one time. Players may contribute up to three characters to the stable at a time. Stabled characters can do downtime stuff, but do not gain xp. 
-Combat rules from Advanced Fantasy are in effect 
-Classes are going to be Classic Fantasy style (aka race as class.) I'm allowing all the new classes from the Advanced Fantasy book. 

Some house rules: 
-Fighters specialize in either melee or missile combat at 1st level. This specialization grants +1 to hit and damage, increasing to +2 at 9th level. This applies only to fighters and not sub-classes thereof.
-Fighters rolling for hit points at a new level may reroll any result of 3 or less on the die. They may keep the reroll if it is better. 
-Clerics with a wisdom score of 13+ can prepare an extra 1st level spell. This does indeed grant a spell at 1st level. Sub-classes of cleric do not receive this bonus. 
-Magic-users with an intelligence of 13+ receive a bonus 1st level spell slot. This doesn't apply to sub-classes of magic-user. 
-Thief skills are replaced with the thievery talent rules from White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure game. This rule will be adapted to thief sub-classes, or classes with abilities similar to the thief. 

More as it develops. 


  1. Just want to say the title of this post made me laugh.
    : )

    1. Most of the players are going to get so, so sick of hearing this... but there's one who I know will lean into it 110%.

  2. I really like your house rules. You mentioned using the thievery table from WBFMAG in place of the B/X tables. How did you do that exactly? And for the Assassin is the same thievery table as well? Thanks!