Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Most Metal of All Light Sources

This week during my Realms of Agon game, the party stumbled across five bandits while in the dungeon. Although they were surprised, a bottleneck position and some unlucky attack rolls on the part of the bandits prevented what could've easily been a TPK. 

At the top of the second round, the magic-user began chanting sleep and the cleric light, targeted at the eyes of the bandit who was trying to attack with a sling from a safe distance. 

I wasn't sure how to adjudicate what order spells go off in, so I just ruled it was simultaneous. The bandit slinger got blinded and put to sleep, and the rest of his fellows also dropped into magical slumber. 

The assassin proceeded to murder the drowsy dastards, but the cleric was a little salty that he had wasted his single spell for the day. The party decided not to waste the magic, so they beheaded the bandit and used his glowy-eyed-cranium as an ersatz (and extremely metal) light source. Granted, it only lasted 12 turns, but hey- that's two torches in the world of B/X. 

The cleric (of a Neutral Immortal) grumbled about the gruesome deed, but ultimately shrugged it off. As long as the assassin was carrying the gruesome source of illumination, he could semi-justify it. 


  1. We always used staff-mounted skulls (with Continual Light spells) for our illumination...back in the day.
    ; )

  2. That's probably worth a morale check for your enemies. "Isn't that Bob's severed head they're using for a torch?

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