Monday, August 17, 2020

The Realms of Agon

"Realms of Agon" is the name I have given to my newly-started OSE campaign. I wanted something that sounded like an old-ass computer game. 

Seven hundred years ago, a terrible Cataclysm struck the world. Disasters destroyed the great kingdoms and empires of the West. Countless lives were lost, great civilizations were cast down, and the very weave of nature was forever altered. Nobody knows what caused it: most believe that one or more of the Primordial Gods was enraged and that the Cataclysm was their terrible revenge, while others blame fell magic. To those alive today, the cause seems a matter of irrelevant academia. 

The survivors of the Cataclysm migrated east, to Agon. There, they found the lands already civilized, though those peoples native to Agon had suffered from the aftershocks of the destruction in the West. Deserts flowed into frozen tundra, and a traveler could see three different landscapes in the course of a few days' ride. New settlements rose, culture and architecture merged together, even a common tongue arose. Eventually, the people of Agon were just as much of a patchwork as the lands around them. 

Some seek to discover what became of the lands to the West, but all attempts thus far have been futile. A great range of mountains rose up from the land in in the wake of the migration; these mountains are difficult to traverse and filled with strange and hostile creatures. Magic is likewise fruitless, as no spell that allows far-seeing seems to penetrate beyond this range, nor will magical means of transport function. A strange, dark pall hangs over the western horizon, and a mass of black clouds hangs ever-present beyond the mountains. 

Agon is dotted with ruins, some older even than the Cataclysm. Some scholars whisper that the events of seven centuries past were not the first time something terrible has fallen from the heavens, that perhaps there is a cycle of annihilation. Most of those who enter into these ruins, however, are more interested in the glittering prizes and forgotten magics that wait there, rather than any hidden truths they might glean. 


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