Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Wizardawn? More like...WizarGONE.

 I used to use the shit out of Wizardawn, a website that generated all kinds of maps and resources for D&D and some sci-fi stuff, too. I used to to map my old AD&D 1st edition Tarraxian game a decade ago. I used it to map almost every damn thing in my Stars Without Number game in 2013ish. 

Last time I ran OSE, I was having trouble with the map generator. Now the whole website is gone. I think he might have actually taken it down while I was trying to use it. At any rate, it was there last time I ran OSE, and now it's not. 

While the creator did leave the ability to download and run a private server with the generators, I can't get it to work. One of my renters, an IT professional, couldn't get it to work. Feh. 

Luckily, I've discovered Dave's Mapper, which is superior to Wizardawn's map generator in some ways (grid overlay option in 5' squares, 10' squares, or hexes, ability to rotate and swap out tiles without generating a whole new map) and inferior in others. (Sci-fi city maps are pretty bland, can't generate world maps, doesn't have an NPC populating function) It also doesn't have any of the cool random non-map generation stuff that Wizardawn had. Le sigh. 

I'll miss the 'dawn, but I guess I gotta move on.  


  1. It sort of still lives at


    now, there's a link to the whole package that will run as a private webserver. Not quite as convenient as just clicking a browser link, but close.

    1. As I said above, I couldn't get the thing to run, and neither could my IT friend. Dave's will do for now. Easy come, easy go.

    2. I miss the dawn too it was good for fleshing out my towns & cities, any generators you know of that can do that?

  2. I was very sorry to see wizardawn go as well. Couldn't get the private webserver option to work either. Thanks for the link to Dave's Mapper