Sunday, October 18, 2020


 So someone published an rpg called Agon. My OSE game, started back in July, is called 'Realms of Agon.' 

Oh well. A certain quote from Office Space comes to mind. 

Still working on my Savage Worlds RIFTS game. Until I get that started, every other Wednesday is just bereft of gaming. 


  1. How do you like Savage Worlds RIFTS? Is it more, eh, manageable?

    1. Hooooo boy... to say that the rules work a lot better is a massive understatement.

      Of course, even six books in to the game, there is so much material that has yet to be covered. You almost have to have the Palladium books as reference material. Converting stuff that hasn't gotten the official treatment is more art than science.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, there's also the entirely unrelated Agone RPG, which has been around in English for around 20 years and longer in French. And you mustn't confuse either with the Agony supplement for the Strain RPG system. No new things under the sun and all that. :)