Thursday, October 8, 2020

OSE: Half-PK

 They went into the minotaur's cave. They blundered into the room full of stirges, which could've done them in if I'd been able to roll over a 10 on my d20... as it was, they killed a few stirges, the magic-user used sleep, and that was that. 

...then they blundered into the minotaur's cave. 

The assassin fled on the second round. 

The retainers died.

The magic-user fled. 

The cleric got a hurled magical spear through the back as he tried to withdraw. If my die rolls would've been at least average on that cursed d20,  the entire party would probably be dead. 

The assassin managed to throw off the effects of the confuse direction spell that hangs over the minotaur's cave. She grabbed the magic-user, who she found wandering. They fought some fire beetles and the magic-user almost died. They ran from some other fire beetles. They made it out and retreated to the base camp. 

It was kind of a big setback session overall, but the players enjoyed it. There will be a new character, and probably some new retainers, when next we play. The players might finally start taking advantage of my stable rule to field more than one character. 


  1. Sounds like a rollicking good gaming time to me.

    1. I think they almost like it better when they lose.

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  3. Doing better against that minotaur than any of the groups I played with did. I think the one time I've been in on killing it we resorted to poisoned wine that we "accidentally" left behind as we fled.