Monday, November 2, 2020

Campaigns Continue

OSE continues this week. Will the party continue their raid against the kobolds? Will they seek vengeance against the minotaur? Will they search a new cave entirely? The assassin finally made 2nd level, so that's a thing. Progress is slower than I anticipated, but I guess there's no real rush. 

My Savage RIFTS game is still in the character creation phase. I threw out the Vampire Kingdoms, Madhaven, and Dinosaur Swamp as three possible locations to my player group. So far, Vampire Kingdoms is leading Madhaven by a single vote, with nobody voting for ol' Dino Swamp. The latter two settings I have RIFTS experience with, as a GM and a player respectively. I've never done Vampire Kingdoms, but I'm envisioning a heady mix of John Carpenter's Vampires, From Dusk Til Dawn, Vampire Hunter D, and Heavy Metal. Hoping to get started in 10 days. 


  1. Seeing the Savage RIFTS books at my local game store piqued my interest, although getting laid off (again) means that I'll have to wait a while before checking them out. Though I have no personal experience with any version of RIFTS, I know of its reputation, and feel like it would be a good fit for SW.

  2. @Brutorz- aaaand our party has a necromancer in it, and where there's necromancers, there's skelly boyz.

    @Fuzzy- I read about that place on your blog and it sounds frickin' amazing. Also, if you're planning on checking out RIFTS on the long run, you can find most of those sourcebooks dirt cheap on the secondary market. I wouldn't wish the rules on my worst foe (actually I would I'm kind of a petty bitch sometimes), but it goes far more in-depth than the Savage Worlds books do.