Thursday, April 29, 2021

Not Gaming

OSE has been on hiatus for April, as one of the three players isn't available. 

Honestly, I don't think I'm going to restart it. 

I've had some interest in starting up a game of Fantasy AGE, and I've even thought a couple of ideas for settings. One of the players keeps trying to steer us toward playing something PBtA, but it turns out I actually don't like PBtA that much. It was a weird fling, but it's over. 

Ultimately, my distaste for gaming over Discord has finally reached the point where I think I'd rather just play a computer game if I can't game around a table with people. 

For the time being, I just keep buying gaming shit as a substitute for actual gaming. I picked up Candlekeep Mysteries. I picked up Whitehack, 3rd edition. I got the mountain of Deadlands shit I got for backing the kickstarter. It's all presently gathering dust in my basement. I'm probably going to pick up Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, even though I'm all but certain I'll never run it. 

I'm going to KanCon. They're having it in person. I trust your average person to observe safety protocols as far as I can throw them, but fuck it...I'm vaccinated. I lick parking meters. 

Oh, and OSE druids suck because of BOFA. 


  1. Um. What is is BOFA?

    Would love to hear your take on Candlekeep Mysteries, just by the way.

    Good luck with KanCon. Wish there was an in-person Con I could go to this year. Hopefully in the near future.



      I haven't even opened Candlekeep yet, and I'm unlikely to until school is out at the very, very, very earliest. (Three weeks...16 school days, but who's counting?)

  2. "BOFA"?

    Ah, the AGE system. I used to have the Dragon Age tabletop boxed set. The game's career/background system for fleshing out character skills is delightfully simple, elegant, and very workable, and I remember fighters being just as fun to play as casters (they have similar levels of "fiddly bits" going on).

    But everything you hear online is true: that stunt die makes successful skill rolls wonky AF. The system feels slightly cracked — not broken, just fractured — in a fundamental way. Not as annoying as Savage Worlds, but close.

  3. See my reply above for BOFA.

    I, being slightly cracked myself, should feel perfectly at home with the system. I do like how it's fiddly enough that it can get away with only having three character classes, but not to the point where it's d20.

    I do have an issue or two with Savage Worlds, but ultimately I like the system more than I dislike it, and that's about the highest compliment I can pay...well, anything... these days.

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