Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ravenloft Day

Today is Ravenloft day. 

I plan on picking up the alternate cover on the way to my martial arts training tonight. The vibe I get is "mid-90's Castlevania box art," which is an aesthetic I am quite down with. 

Will I run it? Probably not...but that applies to my growing collection of gaming stuff over the last year. I'll probably read it. I have a soft spot for Ravenloft, and I have since I first read this pretty terrible choose your own adventure Ravenloft novel back in junior high. I think there was a vampire in it named Erik Blacksteed. (Oh, 2nd ed...) One of my best friends in high school also bought all of the Ravenloft novels and passed them to me as he finished them. 

Oddly, I haven't done much DMing of Ravenloft, overall. I ran a brief thing in high school and a not-as-brief Masque of the Red Death thing that I blogged about a few years back. I stole a couple of monsters from the Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium index for use in a Deadlands game in college. 

Anyway, I'm still picking it up today from my FLGS. 


  1. You know, you won't find me making a lot of comments about Ravenloft (the original module) because I've never run it. Oh, I've owned a copy for the last 20 years or so, and even tried running it for a friend (without prep, when we were both drunk)...but that only lasted about ten minutes.

    I6 came out when I was in middle school, and my co-DM ran it for our group...but I was out of town at the time. I understand at least one PC fell off a VERY HIGH bridge (to her death), and I think Strahd got blasted with lightning or something. I don't know.

    I hope you have joy of your purchase, man. Truly.
    : )

  2. Many many years ago (back when I still lived in Japan), I ran the original I6 for my group. It was intended to be a one-shot for Halloween, but since we didn't get through all of it and everyone really enjoyed it, we kept playing and it lasted us quite a few sessions. It is a really well done module.

    I've tried to play through the 3E and 5E revisions via PbP, but the DM always flakes out before it gets too far.

  3. I'm curious, did you manage to get an alt-cover one? My FLGS owner was bemoaning the dreadful allocations on those from WotC and his other distributors. IIRC he was due to get 12 copies out of the 80 or so he'd pre-ordered. As somebody who used to work gaming retail I can empathize with how much of a problem that is for a store, but I'm wondering how widespread it is. Certainly seems like many large manufacturers are distributors are having real production issues of late.

    1. Sorry for the two month delay on the answer. Yes, I got the limited edition cover. My FLGS, with two locations, ordered a whole bunch. They did accidentally get them all sent to the same location, which was annoying, but a bit of out-of-my0way driving aside, it wasn't too much trouble to get my hands on one.

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