Friday, September 3, 2021

School Campaign Continues

 Wednesday I showed up for BGC to discover that I had not only the two players from last week, but an additional four players. Only one of them had any prior experience with the game. He wanted to play a blood hunter, but I  a.) literally have no idea what the hell that is  and 2.) I asked him to stick with basic stuff as the other newbs learned the game. I met him halfway: since we were out of pregens for Phandelver, I printed off a quick 1st level half-orc barbarian from WotC's pregen library. I think it uses the playtest rules, but we rolled with it. I also let him switch his maul to a great axe. 

Combat was      s l o o o o w, because we had six players, and because five of them had no idea what they were doing. The wizard's player felt like a superstar when he got a goblin triple-kill with a well-placed application of burning hands and then dropped another goblin the following round with magic missile. Of course, he's spent all his 1st level spells, so now he knows he has to be a little more judicious. 

We used miniatures (from my vast pile of unpainted Kickstarter Bones minis from like...forever ago) and a Melee Mat, which is one of the dopest gaming accessories I've ever owned. 

There are now pictures of me on the school's social media, DMing for the kiddos. 

Right now I'm focusing on just getting them to learn the basic mechanics of things.  We haven't done a tone of rp or lore building...that'll come later. The idea is to get them through the Beginner's Box, move up to the Essentials and making our own characters, then finally graduating to the full game. Maybe I'll do something fun and basic like Tyranny of Dragons, or perhaps I'll create a game world for them. I don't know. What I do know is that these kids have saved me from selling off my collection and quitting entirely, and that's no exaggeration. 


  1. That's definitely SOMEthing.
    : )

    Happy birthday!

  2. Sounds like that's going well for you. Better than walking away from the hobby, for sure.

    Out of curiosity I went and looked up the "Blood Hunter" class, which appears to be online here:

    TL;DR version, it's some kind of homebrew edgy-as-hell tragic hero/monster-that-hunts-monsters type that mashes up fighting skills with "blood magic" that throws out debuffs, amps damage, and augments the user in exchange for taking damage. Gives me a right pain just reading it but I can see where a kid might enjoy it. Probably unbalanced (it sure seems to have a lot of tricks) but I don't know 5e well enough to tell. I'd have him stick with the barbarian personally, but maybe you're braver (and more tolerant) than I am. :)

    1. Nah, bro. I remember the days of the 3.0/d20 glut all too well. We stickin' with core rules for now.

    2. More to the point: the blood hunter was created by Matt Mercer.

    3. I take it there's some reason to dislike the guy's work? I had to look up who Matt Mercer even was. Critical Role isn't really my thing (I prefer listening to batreps for minis games than RPGs for that sort of stuff), although I at least knew it existed.

    4. Mostly I just don't like Mercer's brand or the way his wing of the hobby does things. I could go on a full rant about performative D&D, but I'm enjoying my birthday weekend, so I'll just sum it up: I'm not a fan of Mercer or anything he does, so I'll skip an edgelordy non-core character class that he wrote, kthanx. :)

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