Monday, December 6, 2021

Time to Open some Quest

 My OpenQuest 3rd edition game starts tomorrow. 

I've never run OQ before. My only direct experience with the Chaosium system is a single session of Call of Cthulhu I played at good old Comic World (RIP) sometime during the latter half of my undergrad days. I remember almost nothing about it. 

The session will be hybrid in-person and Discord. This will be the first at-the-table gaming (well, partially at-the-table) I've done since... jeez, I don't even know. Maybe August 2020? I hope I remember how to people. 

(There are those who would argue that I never knew how to people to begin with.) 

 Anyhoo, I'm planning on just a quick introductory scenario, something to get some die rolling and mathing and combat under our belts. I'm going to try to not have it involve killing rats or goblins. 

 I have purchased a book of quests originally intended for RuneQuest 6 before it morphed into Mythras. Mainly I just want to see how a Rune/Open/MythQuest scenario looks on paper, you know? 

 Back in the saddle, I s'pose. Giddyap! 




  1. Awesome! I'm hoping to get back to some face-to-face gaming sometime soon. My boys pay much better attention and come up with better creative ideas when we're all around the table together with friends than they do when we're on the computer.

    1. I hate online/Discord gaming with the fire of a thousand suns.