Friday, February 25, 2022

Random Thoughts

 So I'm still pretty much not gaming, and in fact I have told a few people that I am retired from the hobby. I don't think that's true, but there are a few conversations I was in that I simply wanted to end, and telling people I've quit the field is an exceptionally efficient way to accomplish that. Plus, there is a possibility that I have hung up the dice for good and become a lame-o collector of books. 

-I canned OpenQuest, if that wasn't painfully apparent. I'm keeping the files, and if I restart it, I am inviting only two of the originally invited four players. 

-I am proceeding through the Super Secret Manuscript at an absolutely glacial pace. So far I like the bits I've read, and that's all I can say at present. I will not flake on this, I just haven't had a lot of spoons lately. 

-My wife watches the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise. It's often on in the background when I'm playing SaGa Frontier Remastered on my Switch. I did sit and watch one episode, and I would gladly slam my genitals in a car door than watch another. Where am I going with this? A friend of mine inflicted the first episode of Vox Machina on me a few weeks ago. I would rather watch the entire season of Bachelor in Paradise with the missus than watch another episode of VM. You do the math regarding how many car door slams that equates to. Silver lining: The incident reminded me that I need to catch up on Rat Queens, and I believe there's at least one newish TPB I have to go and get from the library. 

-Not to be confused with SaGa Frontier Remastered, the graphic novel Saga has returned to publication after a hiatus. I think Saga is the closest graphic novel you can get to RIFTS, though it has a good deal more romance than the average RIFTS campaign probably  does. 

-I'm going to read through all of the Nightbane rule books. All of them. Gods help me. I think each time I finish a chapter, I'm going to stare at my reflection in a mirror while the Johnny Cash cover of "Hurt" plays in the background. 

-The Bard's Tale 2 is a joyless slog, I am determined not to let the game beat me. My personal holy war against BT2 is so that I can see if BT3 redeems the series, as I have been told it does. My grudge with the game is not nearly as bad as Zelda 2 for the NES. I will see Zelda 2, and it's entire development team, in hell. 

-I party wiped the kids playing HeroQuest at Board Game Club last week. One friend has admonished me for beating children at a game. Another friend validated me by saying: "Teenagers are not children. They are small adults who need to learn about disappointment." Props to the girl playing the wizard, who tried to take on the quest boss/objective while her companions proceeded to make all the worst possible decisions. Don't split the party, kids. For real. Planning an in-depth post of the four or five personalities I've encountered at BGC. 

-I have found a student who is willing to take over as DM for the 5e game at Board Game Club, after I announced that I would not be DMing anymore. 

-I am slightly miffed that I bought all the Necrotic Gnome OSE Advanced Fantasy stuff, which I have been stuffing in the box with the original stuff, but now there's a sexy new Kickstarter for a boxed set of books that I'm pretty sure are only ones I already own. I still need to finish my "Why OSE Sucked" retrospective post. 

I should get going on my on-hold posts.