Monday, January 23, 2023

There Will Be (Belated) Dice

 So my Spelljammer game didn't happen. Two players ghosted. I have, however, replaced them with two different players, one of whom basically played in everything I ran from 2005-2015. We're starting next weekend, just two weeks later than our original planned start date. 

Yes, I'm still running 5E Spelljammer. WizBro already has my money, and since I don't Twitch or do actual plays or anything, my obscure little campaign run in my basement isn't going to boost their signal. 

I do not anticipate buying anything else they put out, and I have gleefully pirated the entirety of 2E Spelljammer that I didn't already have. Maybe on the second hand/used market, since a small bookstore or vendor can make some money.

Also, having both played and GM'd it, I would rather have my cock slammed in a car door than touch Pathfinder again. No, I don't care what they did with the 2nd edition of PF. 

I am still very much interested in trying my hand at Fantasy AGE. They're about to release a revised core book, so perhaps that can be the thing I do after Spelljammer. I still kind of want to do 5E Ravenloft, though.

Our new party looks to be an astral elf wizard, a halfling paladin, a barbarian of as-yet-undecided race, and I have no idea what the fourth player is making, but he'd better get that shit made this week. 

In other irrelevant news, D&D discourse has pretty much driven me off of the last social media I still use. I don't remember people getting this pissed off about D&D before 3E...but then again, that was 20 years ago, and I wasn't really on the maybe it's always been this way. 

Oh, well. Fuck it. Anchors aweigh this Saturday. 


  1. I keep saying it, but I'll say it again: good luck with the new game! Really hope it's smooth sailing from here on out.

    RE Angry D&D Fans

    If you haven't been angry at the state of D&D, you haven't been paying attention. I've been angry for YEARS. But it seems like every five years or so there has to be some new development that pisses off everyone who missed the last blow up...and there has been a SHIT-TON of new D&D fans since the last snafu; that's probably the reason it seems bigger.

    1. Oh no, I've been paying attention. If you're on Twitter, it's impossible not to...even though I muted just about every D&D-related word I could think of.

      Given that I had a stroke about a year ago, I'm trying to be angry about as little as possible.

      TSR fucked up and lost the elfgame. WotC will fuck up and lose the elfgame, or at least the elfgame's audience. The books will still be around.

      You brought up a good point...there are more D&D fans now, and they are more easily able to communicate across distance because of social media. I'm sure there were people screaming themselves hoarse about 2nd edition , about the glut of 2E settings, about Skills and Powers or Combat and Tactics...I just wasn't on usenet or Yahoo Groups or whatever nerds were using over the course of the 90's. We also didn't have this inanely stupid culture war between grognard beardos and SJWs. (For the record, I identify more with the latter.)
      Anyway, yeah, Spelljammer launches (ha) this Saturday. I don't give a fuck if it ends up being me and one player. We are fucking playing at a fucking table with fucking dice.

      I appreciate your well wishes and I hope your games are going well. I'm sterile and notoriously impatient, so having kids to brew my own gaming group is impossible for me. :P

    2. Just to be clear, when I wrote "you haven't been paying attention," I wasn't referring to YOU, specifically. Rather, I was using the idiom "you haven't been paying attention" addressed to the general collective.

      Re; Spelljammer

      HowEVER this ends up going down, I'd be interested in reading the results.
      : )

      Stay not-so-angry, man!

    3. Right now I'm on a regimen of tea, meditation, and staying the fuck off of social media. (Blog excluded, but I hardly write with any regularity anymore.)

    4. Thumbs up to all that (though I can't stand tea myself).

    5. I do have to say, THIS particular controversy is a far sight different from the 2e or 3e or 4e edition wars. That was just internecine nerd shit. "They changed it, now it sucks," as goes the cliché. If you're not already obsessed, there's no reason to care.

      But this? WotC trying to un-open-source D&D, secretly at first, and then out in the open once they got caught? All in service to a weaselly scheme to kill off rival Virtual Tabletops, lock D&D players into a nickel-and-dime walled garden, and done in a way that just so happens to also kill off the 3rd party publishing industry, not even as a primary goal but as mere collateral damage? That is fucking horrid. It's such brazen corporatist, capitalist evil, the likes of which this hobby generally has not seen in living memory, that it's no wonder at all the sleeping giant of D&D fandom has been roused to righteous anger!

    6. All our ones of dollars will go elsewhere forever more!
      ; )

  2. @JB- Blasphemy. (re: tea) Although my tea tastes are pretty specific, there are only a couple of kinds that I like.

    @John- I think maybe I'm rolling all the online anger I've seen over the past year or two into a generalized mishmash. (The whole bioessentialism thing, race vs. species, etc.) Yes, WizBro has tipped their hand as just another cash grabbing corp... but like I said, they've already got my money, nad I'm not boosting their signal, so after I finish my Spelljammer campaign I will probably move on to Fantasy AGE or something else for my wizards-and-elves type fun. Maybe I'll even dust off my retroclones, or figure out how to make OSE not be an endless slog. (Maybe I'm aiming high, with that last one.)